Quinoa Films Inc. is an independent film company. Its aims are to provide a platform for people, from all walks of life, who seek to voice opinions on compelling social and political issues, and to portray human rights stories told by civilians from different parts of the world.

Our team is made up of a group of committed professionals, from different countries, with joint perspectives on current global developments and a desire to tell those stories through film.

UCHURACCAY documentary crew:

Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert - USA/ Perú
Michele Cinque - Italy

Diego Galvis - Colombia
Nate Crooker - USA

Line Producer:
Flavia D'Alessandro - Italy

Field Producers:
Ayacucho:Carlos Valdez - Perú
Lima:Pedro Vega - Perú

Roberta Canepa - Italy
Imre Balanli - Turkey

Cristiano De Veroli - Italy
Giancarlo Rutigliano - Italy

Art Producer:
Fiorella Lavado - UK/ Perú

Still Photographer:
Silvana Ximena - USA/ Perú

Paola Hulbert - USA

Francesca Garcia - Perú
Oscar Retto - Perú

Carlos Valer - Perú

Public Relations:
Pilar Ramos - Perú

Social Media:
Grace Fuller - USA/ Perú